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My first page for Wanderlust 2017  What I want from Wanderlust 2017

I have been really bad about blogging and am going to try hard to do better this year. I've been taking lots of classes, and teaching lots of classes. I'm just finishing a class by Ivy Newport online Poetic Plaster and Wax. I have two projects to finish, but have loved learning how to use encaustic wax and plaster. I loved Ivy's class so much, I signed up to take a portraiture class called Between Shadow and Light. I'm not a portrait artist so I'm challenging myself. I also started a 30 day art journaling class. This has been a lesson in working quick and just putting my feelings down. If that wasn't enough I just got lesson two for my year long class called Wanderlust 2017, a weekly lesson for the year by mixed media artist from around the world. Whew! I know it sounds like a lot, but I'm loving letting go and finding new creativity buried in me.

I've also been teaching a Sip and Paint Night at a local winery, Renegade Winery. Yummy wine and a group each month of fun people. My class pool is up to about 50 with each monthly class available for 18 students. We have had a lot of fun and the students have put out great pictures. You can check out some of their art on my Facebook page,

We'll I'll go ahead and share some of my recent work and promise to be a better blogger.

My first encaustic and block poetry piece.


"Misty Morning" my second encaustic piece

Art journaling-A nickname you liked.

Art Journaling-If you could tell your younger self something, what would it be.

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